Master Breeder

Velthuis Farms Ltd. was established in 1959 with the purchase of the current farm consisting of 160 acres. Land base currently consists of 1200 acres owned plus additional rented which allows us to supply all our herd feed plus provide for a significant amount of cash crop sales.

We moved into a new four row freestall sand bedded barn in December, 2003, and have increased cow numbers.

Currently wehave about 140 milking and dry cows with a herd average of 11826Kg Milk 434Kg Fat 371Kg Protein or BCA of 256-253-253.

Herd is milked 2x. Milking cows are fed a single group TMR consisting of haylage, corn silage, high moisture corn , roasted soybeans plus a commercial supplement of bypass proteins and minerals & vitamins.

No cows are topdressed . Herd classification is 1 Ex 33 VG 74 GP 12 G. The Master Breeder Shield was not the goal but that was the result of persistantly breeding for functional cows with strongly attached udders on solid framed cows with the will to milk.

Cow families that we are working with include:
Velthuis Leader Gillie VG 87
Sunnylodge Skychief Amy VG 89 Can, Ex 95 UK
Krull Broker Elegance Ex 2E 96 USA
Tri-Day Ashlyn Ex 96 USA

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